Welcome to the Juventus Competitive Team!

Congratulations on your child’s selection for the Juventus Competitive Team! This achievement is a testament to their hard work and dedication, and we’re excited to see them thrive in the upcoming season.

Personalized Coaching
Every player is unique, and our experienced coaches recognize this. We tailor our training to suit the individual needs and strengths of each player, ensuring personal growth alongside team dynamics.
Physical Fitness and Agility
Soccer is a physically demanding sport. We place a strong emphasis on developing fitness, agility, and endurance, ensuring our players are in top condition to perform their best.
Technical Skills Mastery
From ball control to tactical understanding, our program covers all facets of the game. Our training sessions are designed to challenge players and encourage them to push their limits, helping them master the skills necessary to excel.

Program Details

Program Fee: $750.00

Practice Gear: Your child will receive essential practice gear, including 2 pairs of soccer socks, 2 shorts, and 2 training shirts.

Season Duration: The program runs from January to November 15th, providing a comprehensive season of development, competition, and team building.

Game Jerseys: Additional $100.00 (Supplied by Vendor)
Complete their kit with 2 official game jerseys for an additional cost.

Joining the Juventus Competitive Team is more than just about playing soccer. It’s an opportunity for your child to develop their skills, embrace teamwork, and engage in a competitive environment that fosters growth and improvement. We’re here to support them every step of the way, ensuring this season is filled with learning, development, and memorable experiences.

Here’s to a fantastic season ahead – we’re proud to have you as part of our Juventus family!

Our Home Field

Mira Mesa Rec Center

8575 New Salem St

San Diego, CA 92126

Contact us

(858) 254-4598



Practice Days

Academy Training - Weekly
Monday & Wednesday: 5:00pm - 6:15pm

Juniors Training - Weekly
Saturday: 10am - 10:45am