How To Wash Soccer Cleats in 1 Minute

Cleaning your soccer cleats can be a tedious task, but it’s worth the effort. First, you want to remove chunks of mud and grass that have gotten stuck between the studs of your cleats. Lightly spray the dirt & grass if it is dry so it can come off easier.

You may need a medium/soft bristle brush for this step. Before you begin scrubbing, get a small bucket of soap water solution and dunk the brush in for lubrication. Scrub the sides and the studs until all dirt is removed.

Once all the mud and grass have come off the studs, you can move onto the top of your cleats. Remove the laces if possible and slide out the soles. You can wash your laces with your next load of laundry.

Take a small microfiber towel and put it inside your cleat. This will soak up any excess water that leaks in. Grab your soft bristle brush and dunk into a fresh bucket of soap and water, and begin lightly scrubbing until you get all the mud and dirt off.

Take the microfiber out of your cleat and dry off any excess soap and water. You should be all done!